150cc scooter

With good horsepower under the hood of a 150cc scooter it can get you somewhere, but which one is the best 150cc scooter to own? Short on time to spare for a vacation? Tired of all the brands that are out there? Here are 3 good but cheap 150cc rides to consider:

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The Honda CBR (Baby Cbr) has been around a long time and is still the number one 150cc scooter on the market today. It is very popular for a few reasons: It is light weight, it offers high speed capabilities, and its durability is second to none. The Baby Cbr can reach speeds of 33mph and has a sturdy frame that will withstand a lot of abuse. Unfortunately, the low base price of the Baby Cbr makes it a poor choice for people with a tight budget who only wish to cruise around their neighborhood and wouldn’t care about high speed. If you can afford the Cbr, however, the Cbr is a great choice for people who are looking for a cheap reliable 150cc motor scooter to get them from point A to point B, and who don’t mind a bit of a bump in speed.


For those who are looking for a great scooter for family vacations, camping trips, or just recreational purposes, the Kawasaki Ninja 200cc is a great choice, and the brand name never goes out of style. Like the CBR, the Ninja also offers a light weight, durable machine with high speed capabilities, and despite its low base price rivals that of the CBR it will not break the bank when it comes time to buy. As far as performance capabilities go, the Ninja boasts a real nice package: A powerful engine, real front and rear shocks, disc brakes, and a three-speed transmission. For those looking for a sturdy, reliable, dependable machine capable of covering distances while offering excellent maneuverability and speed, the Ninja is an ideal choice.


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