One of the most interesting cases involving Romanians and immigration in France is the case of the police officers. In 2010, Romanians began working in Paris and other French cities. Although these men have a long and mixed history, they were initially hired as a result of an international obligation to help combat crime. The situation in Romania was particularly difficult in the wake of the communist revolution, so the French government and national security wanted to prevent a highly publicized ‘Roma migration problem’. This link –

How To Learn To Romanian Workers In France

The new government in France has adopted a more liberal policy towards the Roma. Critics have questioned whether the government is following the policies of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy, who deported many Romanians to other countries. Others claim that the new government is reverting to the policies of its centre-right predecessors. While this seems to be an obvious choice, some critics are unhappy with the way the new government is responding to these issues.

The French government’s new Roma policy has sparked a debate about the future of the Roma community in France. Proponents of the new approach claim that the new government is simply following the former French president’s policies. However, the opposition has argued that the policy is not in the best interests of the Roma community. The policy is also a way to boost tourism in France. In a bid to attract more tourists, the government wants to promote tourism and development. The problem is that many French citizens are unaware of the role that Roma play in the country.


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