How to Buy Marijuana in Canada

If you want to purchase pot, legally or otherwise, then you should visit a licensed Canadian marijuana dispensary. A TopTierCannabis business that has been established for some time now is the haute health Dispensary in Canada. This chain of medical marijuana shops allows patients the freedom to purchase quality medical marijuana products in a confidential and safe manner.

Marijuana Dispensary in Canada


The two main pillars of the business are their bricks and mortar locations and their online storefronts. The brick and mortar location is located in the core of Canada in Vancouver Island. The storefront is secured with bulletproof glass and offers a fully automated and highly secure line of credit facility through which one can safely buy marijuana products using a debit or credit card. Canada’s national laws strictly regulate the sale and distribution of cannabis, and hence there is no confusion as to who is allowed to sell and who is not allowed to. All transactions are made in a highly secure environment.

Canada Online Weed Dispensaries

In addition to the storefront, the dispensary also has an online presence which allows users to log on to their website and order from Canada’s best cannabis brands, through the use of their credit cards. In order to gain access to Canada’s online vendor sites, one has to have a valid Canadian Residence license. Many of Canada’s leading online vendors accept major credit cards as payment methods. Most online vendors will accept all major debit and credit cards, though the exact number of stores that do so may vary across the country. It is advisable that one finds out from one’s local pharmacy whether or not they are capable of processing credit cards, as some pharmacies are known to prohibit the payment of cash and instead issue a pre-paid debit card.


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