Side Job Ideas

A side hustle job, also called a side gig or side hustle, is simply an extra job that somebody takes on in addition to his or her primary job to supplement their income. This could be another job, like being a stockbroker and an accountant, or it could be a second job where you work a few days a week at a bar and on the weekends, you work part-time at a gym or grocery store. The whole idea of side hustle jobs is that you do something that you normally wouldn’t have time for, and it turns out to be a huge benefit to your life. So what are some of the more popular side hustle jobs?

Side Job Jobs That Are Easy to Get Started With

One of the first side hustle jobs I ran across was launching a mobile mapping application. You can basically turn your house into a global GPS tracking device with this program and make money whenever someone uses it. You sign up for the service through their site, and you get paid a commission for any new customers that use their app. In my opinion, this is a very good side hustle job, since the commission rate is pretty high. In fact, it’s comparable to some of the other paid survey and data entry sites. The trick, however, is getting enough people to use your app, so that you can make money.

The other one of my favorites is, of course, article writing. If you’re a really good writer, then you might be able to start setting up your own website and selling your articles, or get paid to submit them to web 2.0 sites. One thing that I learned is to set up a squeeze page for people who are interested in purchasing your products, so that they can get started on the journey to financial freedom. There are literally thousands of ways that you can get started with side hustle jobs, if you’re willing to do a little bit of work.