In a world where most everything is going green, and where there are so many natural resources being used up that we can never run out of them, beeswax candles are a good start in a green alternative. These candles aren’t like the ones you find at the store. For one, they don’t come from bees! No, beeswax comes from a unique group of plants only found in North America and Australia. And what makes beeswax candles unique is that bees collect the wax they produce, mix it with honey and make a special kind of liquid that is then harvested and used as a fuel additive for their hives. This means that the beeswax candle you light is not only cleaner-burning than regular candles, it is also better for the environment because it isn’t contributing to the destruction of the earth’s resources.

Why need A Guide to Safely Using Beeswax Candles

beeswax candles

Now, most people believe that beeswax candles emit a unique aroma, but in fact, no two types of beeswax candles are alike. In fact, many of the “pure beeswax candles” on the market today contain trace amounts of toxic chemicals that could possibly be dangerous to human health. In fact, this problem has been exacerbated by the fact that some manufacturers add the toxins to the pure beeswax candles in order to increase its popularity and thus its profit margin. When a candle company adds chemicals to its products, it is only a matter of time before the toxins will end up in the air and in our bodies, and then there will be no way for us to fight the problem.

Beeswax candles are definitely a healthier alternative than paraffin wax candles, but you still need to watch out for them. First, if you notice that the wick is missing or damaged, it is probably best to remove the candle from the flame and melt some paraffin wax candles instead. Second, keep in mind that beeswax candles do have a melting point, which means that even if a few of them drip down into the bottom of the pan or tray they will not burn evenly or result in a hot flame. You should always aim for about a 10 degree distance between the top of the candle and the bottom, and keep a good distance between the sides as well. Finally, avoid burning the wick in the open flame or in any open fire, because the resulting smoke has been known to cause some serious respiratory problems.


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